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Bumblebees are large, hairy social insects with a lazy buzz and clumsy, bumbling flight. Many of them are black and yellow. Worker bumblebees can sting, although they are generally not aggressive. It has been widely reported that without bees to pollinate our food crops the entire human race would perish in just 7 years. A sobering thought and thus we are not inclined to recommend extermination of bumblebees unless the nest is immediately adjacent to a walkway or porch where people are frequently passing by. Even then if you can tolerate them they will probably tolerate you.

Life Cycle
Bumblebees form colonies. These colonies are much smaller than their cousin the honey bees mainly because the entire life cycle of the colony is one year with all workers and drones dieing in the fall. Only a small number of next years queens that are hatched in the fall will hibernate and construct new nests the following spring. Often, mature bumblebee nests will hold fewer than 50 individuals.

Pest Bat Removal and Control Services
A Technician will come out to your house to do an inspection. Bumblebee colonies are controlled using sprays or dust depending on the situation. There is no preparation required on the part of the homeowner. If you have any questions please call your local 24 hour number or 1-888-390-7378. We would be happy to help.

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