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Cockroaches Extermination

Many people find the presence of roaches in their house to be a source of embarrassment.

They associate roaches with unsanitary living. In fact, we see cockroaches living and multiplying in the cleanest of kitchens. Their ability to find food seems to be considerably better than our ability to clean. Some of the many ways roaches may be brought home are in boxes or with groceries. Occasionally people bring roaches home from vacations in the southern U.S. or Caribbean. Their mild winter temperatures allow cockroaches to multiply outdoors year round. Many residences in Texas and Florida are treated monthly.

Our roach pest control method follows 4 steps.
  1. Identify the pest, see our library section for assistance. If you are not still sure, we would be happy to help. Call our 24 hour number and we can identify whether your pest is a roach and tell you the species.

  2. Our technician will come out to your house and do an inspection.

  3. A heavy infestation may require use of thermal fogging and pesticide sprays but most problems can be solved with bait gels. These applications are very mild with little inconvenience to the home owner.

  4. The technician will give you a written guarantee.
Most importantly, act quickly, minor infestations grow very rapidly.

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