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Pavement Ants

Introduction Pavement ants are one of the most common pest ant species in Ontario. Although they don't do structural damage like carpenter ants, pavement ants contaminate food products and are difficult to control because of their habit of nesting in such secluded locations.

Physical Characteristics
The pavement ant is a small brown to black ant with pale legs and black abdomen. Definitive identification requires close inspection with a magnifying glass to reveal fine parallel lines running from front to back on the head. They feed on a variety of materials, including live and dead insects, honey dew from aphids, meats, grease, etc. They often enter buildings looking for food. Pavement ants move in a slow deliberate motion and are not easily disturbed.

Pavement ants are very common in Southern Ontario. These ants usually nest under stones concrete slabs, at the edge of pavements and under buildings. Worker ants may forge for food up to 30 feet from the colony and readily set up trails to and from food sources. They can also be found in crevices, woodwork and masonry.

Life Cycle
New ant colonies are started by a single queen that lays the eggs and tend the brood that develops into worker ants. Tending on the brood is then taken over by the workers, which shift the eggs from place to place as moisture and temperature fluctuate.

These ants do not normally cause damage to structures but are considered a nuisance.

Pest Controland Removal Services
A technician will come out to your property and do a thorough inspection as well as asking you questions about what you may have observed. This information will enable the technician to determine the best method for extermination. The technician will then perform an extermination which may include perimeter sprays and placing bait stations. Finally the technician will show you what may have attracted the Pavement ants to your property and recommend any preventative measures to insure permanent control. Aanteater services believes in looking for the root causes not in masking the symptoms. You will be required to leave your house for 4 hours at the start of the application in order to allow the treatment to dry.

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