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Raccoon Removal

Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services strictly adhere to a comprehensive and sustainable integrated pest management strategy when dealing with raccoons. Live trapping is rarely a viable option as it does not prevent other animals moving in to replace the original occupant, often within 24 hours! The scent of a raccoon den site is a powerful attractant to other animals looking for a place to live. Our goal is to provide the best long term solution to the problem, and based on our data and record keeping, animal exclusion has shown to be the most effective and cost efficient method of permanent raccoon removal. Our approach is humane in nature, and our best efforts are made to prevent any harm from befalling on the raccoon and guaranteeing that a new animal will not replace it. Our knowledgeable technicians will install a one-way door on the entry point. This allows the raccoon to leave but they will not be able to get back in. the door is temporary, and has a trigger to let the technician know when the raccoon has left. The technician will also let you know of other potential entry points, and will recommend fixing these problem areas. Raccoons can be very determined to get back to their den site so it is always recommended to do a complete exclusion on your home or business. Once the raccoon is excluded from your premises we recommend “fogging” the area with a deodorizer, this helps to remove the scent of the den site.


It is illegal to move an animal more than 1 kilometer away from the point of capture. Not only is it illegal to move them more than 1 kilometer, but it is ineffective without proper exclusion work on your home or business. Live trapping is effective in catching raccoons, but doesn’t provide a long term solution in keeping raccoons out of your home or business. Another raccoon or other animal in the area will smell out the den site and take up residence. As well, live trapping can be dangerous to bystanders in the area as rabies is now quite common in Ontario. Moving the animal to a new habitat also increases the chance of spreading rabies amongst other wild animals. Raccoons are timid animals, but under stress or if they are ill, they can become aggressive. Live trapping is effective in a few rare situations, but on the whole exclusion provides the best results for the lowest cost. We guarantee all our work and will protect your financial investment.


During the spring and summer the raccoon will usually have babies. Babies create a new set of challenges. The babies MUST be removed from the attic area in conjunction with our one-way door and exclusion system. In order for our technician to determine if the raccoon has babies or not, we conduct an attic search. If babies are found, they will be taken out by hand and placed in an electric incubation chamber. The chamber will then be placed outside the one-way door so that when the mother exists, her babies are easily found. If she is unable to do this her persistence in trying to reenter will be magnified tenfold, and may cause serious damage to your home or business.


A good way to keep raccoons away from your home or business is to practice good outdoor hygiene. Make sure your garbage cans are tightly secured if stored outside. Check your roof for wear and tear by looking for missing shingles or gutters that have fallen off. If gutters are plugged the wood around them is more likely to rot, giving the raccoon an easy entry point. Don’t feed them if you don’t want them around and be aware of bird feeders, as they are a good source for raccoons and other pests as well. Make sure your deck is enclosed. These steps won’t necessarily prevent raccoons from coming around completely but should help curb them from becoming a long term problem.


An attic vent is an easy access point which they can pull up or even tear completely off to gain access to the attic.

This raccoon decided to come out of the vent just as I was kneeling over it to have a look.

We had to go through a concrete wall to remove these babies from the bottom of a long forgotten chimney flew.

At the base of the plumbing stack is a plastic or rubber seal that prevents water leaking into the attic space. Raccoons will lift or tear the seal making a large hole in the roof and creating an entry.

Since raccoons are incredible climbers, they have access to some of the most remote parts of your home or business. A majority of chimneys don’t have any protection from wildlife. Raccoons will take of residence in that chimney and even raise a litter of young directly on top of the damper.

Peering at us from beside the chimney where she lives

In some cases, raccoons will tear at the fascia vent gap at the edge of the roof then pick away at the shingles and plywood to gain entry.

Specific areas of the soffit are vulnerable to raccoon entry. They will push the soffit up giving them a hole in which they can squeeze through. Once they are through the hole, they have free range to set up a den site in your attic.

Raccoon has bent up the soffit to get inside.

Once the raccoon has gained entry to your attic, you will immediately notice how loud and annoying they can be, it is often described as sounding like “I thought someone was breaking into my house”. Raccoons are nocturnal (asleep during the day), so the majority of their movement will be heard during the night, making it very hard to get a good night s sleep. That is only the beginning of the problems associated with raccoons in your attic. It will choose one or more areas in the attic and start to urinate and defecate there. This create an odor problem and adverse health effects. In some instances, the urine will leak through and stain the ceiling. Your home or business has become the home of the raccoon, worse still; other animals are attracted to the scent of a den site making it a target site for more unwanted pests.


As mentioned earlier, raccoons also will take up residency in garages and sheds, chimneys and under decks. They typically enter garages or sheds through the roof, but also occasionally enter through a broken window or even through a door left open. Once in a garage or shed, they can do considerable damage to property. For example, a 10 kg raccoon knocking stored items out of the rafters onto the hood of your car will leave a considerable and costly dent.


In some cases a raccoon may establish a den site in your home or business undetected. The raccoon can cause extensive damage in the matter of 2 months, especially if there are babies. Nearly all houses built today have blown in insulation which is very delicate and easily damaged by being trampled. If the animals are not removed quickly from your house, heating bills will rapidly increase sometimes by 100%. Reinsulating may become necessary and is very expensive. Also, raccoon feces usually contains a parasite called raccoon round worm which is not harmful to raccoons but is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal to people. If this may be the case after the animals have been removed our technician will recommend conducting an attic restoration inspection. This is an additional service offered by our company.

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